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The founder of BizSquare acquired his experience while working in DBS, Bank of America and UOB as a corporate banker. While performing his duties at UOB, he noticed many customers with good profiles face roadblocks while trying to obtain facilities from banks.

Sitting at his desk one afternoon, he recognized that these SMEs could potentially face slower growth if they failed to obtain funding; which is a problem. He understood that cash-flow management and advisory is a major factor in having a successful business. Slower growth rates due to lack of funding could lead to loss of opportunities for these SMEs. He could not ignore the need and his desire to help these SMEs with his experience and banking knowledge.

He made a decision to form BizSquare in 2013 with a vision to provide advice to SMEs looking for business loan. His leadership and 11 years of experience in the industry; has been able to drastically increase loan approval rates from 25% to 85%.

He also recently work as a Director in several private funding houses from 2016 to 2018; where he specialized in managing multi-million funds of credit investment portfolio and assessing the emerging SMEs, each under SGD100 million assets, where they fund the SMEs in a short-term basis to help them on cashflow management.

Since February 2016, he has been awarded PMC by SBACC (Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council Limited), a Singapore Government Organization for being Practicing Management Consultant under SPRING Singapore, IDA Singapore, WDA Singapore and IE Singapore. In 2019, he was awarded certificate of Mentorship where Melvin became a certified mentor in the SGTech community.

We strongly believed that with his effort, Bizsquare is able to help SME improve their cashflow, and provide a turnkey to improve their business; as seeing company growing is always Bizsquare’s goal.

As an independent licensed loan-agent, BizSquare works closely with banks and FIs to facilitate the acquisition of loans. Bizsquare is an established loan consulting agency set up since 2013. Bizsquare provide more than what SME thought they need, we are also your business advisor, networker, resources provider, problem solver and maybe incubator.


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