6 Tips for Getting Your Business Loan Approved in Singapore

May 15

You may be considering to obtain a business loan for your company at this point of time for various reasons….

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3 Reasons why should engage a Loan Consultant

May 15

When it comes to growing your business faster, extra funds are sometimes necessary. Apart from getting investors, obtaining a bank…

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BizSquare Equipping your Business with Concrete Groundwork

May 28

Running a business is not a financial science; business is all about trading, making good deals, buying and selling. It…

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Why Business Loans Get Rejected?

Jun 5

Unarguably, many people wishes to start their own business, they could start from a small business scale such as diner,…

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How to Prepare for Your Small Business Loan Application

Jun 12

When you own a business, you make the rules, you are the boss and the money works for you. After…

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Unlock the Secrets to Success with Business Loans

Jun 18

The answer on how to succeed in business does not have a specific answer. In fact, the question is never…

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SME Loans and the benefits of SME loans

Jun 25

If you have failed to plan, you are actually planning to fail, a famous quote from business gurus, life coaches…

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The Pros and Cons of Small Business Loans

Jul 3

Are you planning to start up your own small business but don’t have enough money? The best way in terms…

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Misconceptions About Insurance Agent

Nov 3

Coming from the finance industry, many people have been asking me about my personal experience in the finance industry (more specifically financial advisory). So today I will share some of the biggest misconceptions about insurance agent. Misconception #1 Insurance agents always like to sell the product that they can earn the most from it. The … Continue reading Misconceptions About Insurance Agent

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How Investing in Small Business Ventures Can Make Money?

Nov 30

Many people have the mindset that being an entrepreneur necessarily means being able to make money. It can also be seen as being able to produce a lifetime of financial independence and a higher-than-average standard of living. Investing in stocks is merely an extension of buying a small portion of a business run by someone else and enjoying … Continue reading How Investing in Small Business Ventures Can Make Money?

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How to Effectively Manage SME Loans?

Jan 22

You’ve received a loan and is eager to start working it. Hang on and spare us three minutes as we share with you some tips to maximize the benefits of your loans! 1. Proper cash flow management Cash Conversion Cycle The most important thing is to ensure that you have sufficient short-term asset- cash, to … Continue reading How to Effectively Manage SME Loans?

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Use of Loans: Good Debt VS Bad Debt

Feb 12

Imagine you’ve successfully attained a business loan of 50 thousand dollars. The ethical thing to do is to spend it with the objective of increasing the companies’ net worth. But what and how exactly do you go about doing it? Good Debt According to Brad Botes, bankruptcy attorney, Founder and President of Bond & Botes, … Continue reading Use of Loans: Good Debt VS Bad Debt

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Common Problems Faced with SMEs: Financial

Apr 11

With the increase help from the government, Singapore is seeing a rise in the number of SMEs. However, as many as there is, there are a handful of them going out of business. Rising Cost With regards to Singapore Budget 2018, there is a ‘need for business to move away from cost competition and differentiate through … Continue reading Common Problems Faced with SMEs: Financial

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6 Useful Budgeting Tips That Work

Apr 12

Tip #1 A failure to plan is a plan to fail As said by Benjamin Franklin, this is definitely true when it comes to budgeting. If you do not plan your finance ahead of time, you will definitely encounter the situation where you run out of money. Hence you need to learn how to plan … Continue reading 6 Useful Budgeting Tips That Work

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Advantages of Alternative Lending

Apr 26

Small business lending is big business worldwide. If you conduct a Google search on “alternative lending” or “alternative lending statistics,” you’ll see posts going back several years and spanning both sides of the globe. The sheer number of results indicates that something’s going on in the world of finance. So do the financial figures. A report … Continue reading Advantages of Alternative Lending

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Is Your Business Really Ready to Grow?

May 6

It is not selfish to go into business with expansion in mind. However, expanding it too quickly can cause serious implications. As tempting as it may seem, the real signs that your business is ready for the next level includes more than just cash flow and distribution demands. So how do you know you are … Continue reading Is Your Business Really Ready to Grow?

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