Melvin shares his take on how the cooling measures will impact the younger couple and why it doesn't really help in the reduction of HDB prices.

Many homeowners are asking me what are the 3 property cooling measures and what does it mean? In this video, Melvin explains what it means in a simple way and how it affects us as a homeowner.

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We will be conducting a LIVE beta testing of the SHIPP app. FYI, SHIPP is an online dating app that introduces a novel innovation to the world of online dating. Do join our LIVE to learn more about their business! 👋🏻 😊

Sole Proprietorship Vs Private Limited Company

I want to set up a company. What type of company should I set up? Well, if you want to expand your business, raise funds, or take on a big project, always set up a Private Limited company. Here are several reasons!

Finance Minister Lawrence Wong announced an increase in the CPF contribution rate for senior workers aged 55 to 70 years old in order to increase their retirement incomes and improve retirement adequacy.

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Here are 3 easy-to-follow “cheat codes” on how you can increase your chances of getting a property loan approved.

Budget 2023 sees new initiatives, as well as enhanced existing programs, to help local enterprises strengthen capabilities, catalyze innovation, and invest in people. Here are …