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We have the market experience and have helped over 387 clients to successfully get funding and support.


We drastically increase your loan approval rates. In fact every 7.5 out of 10 companies who come to us will get their loan approved.


We get the ideal loan amount that you want. We’ve helped companies who want more funding to get 50% higher than the usual amount when they work with us.


We help you to get the best possible interest rate there is in the market. We know that it’s better to have the lowest interest rate possible for a loan.


We have a fast processing time & handle most of the paper work for you because we know what the banks and financial institutions are looking for based on our experiences. We’ll let you know what is needed and we’ll take care of everything else!




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SME Loan Singapore FAQs

Q1. What is the maximum amount of funding that I can secure?

The funding amount differs from the type of loan you would wish to apply, bank to bank and also
depends on your company profit.

Q2. Would I be able to apply for loan if I am a start-up company in Singapore?

Yes, definitely but there are very limited options for new start-ups.
Most of the banks do not provide start up business loan for newly registered companies therefore it
would a struggle to obtain bank financing during initial phase. However, we will try our best to reach
out to suitable financial institutions that will help you!

Q3. What happens if I do not qualify for the loans?

If you are not qualified for our business loans, we will ensure that we let you know all the
information you need to improve your financial situation and your business. Afterwards, you can put
in another application at a later date with better chance of qualifying.

Q4. Why would a bank reject an application?

Many businesses opt for loan due to urgent needs for project funding. When an application has been
declined, the business may not be eligible to apply to the same lender for as long three to six
Here’s some of the potential reasons why an application might get rejected:
– Loan limits that have been put in place by existing lenders
– Business’ owner credit profile
– Not understanding the financials presented
– Applying to the wrong bank for funding

Q5. How will it affect my business loan application if I have a low credit rating?

Once you apply for a loan, the financial institution will look up your personal credit report. Your
credit report will then be taken into account when your application is being surfaced. If you have a
low credit rating, there’s a higher chance that your business loan will be negatively affected by it.
However, Bizsquare can help you to identify the various banks and other financial institutions that
have credit criteria that is suitable for your business profile, so that you can maximize your chances
of approval for a business loan.