Aug 19 2018


Coming from the finance industry, many people have been asking me about my personal experience in the finance industry (more specifically financial advisory). So today I will share some of the biggest misconceptions about insurance agent.

Misconception #1

Insurance agents always like to sell the product that they can earn the most from it. The truth is most insurance agent sell the product that is most likely to be accepted by the client and it is the client that give them the product preference.

Misconception #2

Most insurance agents like to sell Investment-related products. The truth is most clients approach the agent looking for short term investment products. By short term, I am referring to 3- 9 months time horizon. Most insurance agent say they have investment products but in the actual fact, most tied financial advisors only have products similar to mutual funds. So if you are one of the people looking for short term investment, you can approach the various Crowdfunding platforms and investment platform.

One of such good short term investment option would be Crowdfunding campaigns. One can achieve his wealth accumulation goal through investing in Crowdfunding Campaigns. Some of the more popular platforms in the Crowdfunding industry would be CapMarket. CapMarket has a dedicated team of relationship managers, aimed to serve their investors by finding good quality loans for the investors to invest.

Misconception #3

All insurance agents are profit-driven. This is not true. Insurance agents with profit-driven mindset often won’t be able to do well because the majority of the market favors those who genuinely care for their clients. Hence, those successful agents are actually the good people with the right mindset to help people.

Written by Lucus Lim, Business Associate @bizsquaremc

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