Melvin Ho - Business / SME Loans

Melvin Ho

Melvin, the Founder and managing director of BizSquare Management Consultants Pte Ltd since 2013 where he left the banking world. He started his career as an assistant Relationship Manager at DBS in 2009 before moving to the Bank of America credit department and was also a Senior business banker in UOB Bank.

Melvin used to work as an Executive Director in Xingang Investment Pte Ltd in 2016; where he specialized in managing multi-million funds of credit investment portfolio and assessing the emerging SMEs, each under SGD100 million assets. He also started a SME loan company in Jan 2018 called Fundopia Pte Ltd where they  fund the SMEs in a short term basis to help SME on cashflow management.

Melvin has more than 11 years of banking and financial experience in the local SME and Corporate banking market. He specializes in structured and asset finance, corporate lending and relationship management. His understanding of how companies deliver objectives and sensitive business acumen has been invaluable to his numerous clients.

Since February 2016, he has been awarded by SBACC (Singapore Business Advisors & Consultants Council Limited), a Singapore Government Organization for being Practicing Management Consultant under SPRING Singapore, IDA Singapore, WDA Singapore and IE Singapore. This has given him opportunities to do consultation work for government bodies. Since young, he always had a burning passion for finance and it motivates him to create success in this industry. He is also the CEO of an IT and branding company, Aquarius 21 Solutions Pte Ltd.

The past career history of Melvin has exposed him to carve many niches in the regional financial market; from managing clientele relationship to an outstanding team leader in business units situated in the local and foreign banks. Melvin is an expert in the industry for loan structuring, syndication, relationship management, credit risk as well as fund management.

Melvin holds an MBA and has a Bachelor’s of Commerce (Finance) and is also a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic programming. In his free time, Melvin plays squash competitively and enjoys spending time with his family.

As a personal side interest, he enjoys mentoring and incubating SMEs to see them grow into successful businesses. He is a Corporate banker venturing into debt financing, equity financing, M&A, start-up mentor and incubation. Melvin leads his advising companies to a new milestone, by providing business advisory for turn-key in their business.

He is also a deep tech guy venture Into fintech, insurtech, adtech, medtech, traveltech and retailtech.