A financing facility that allows you to collect your local/foreign purchases before payment of the Sight Bills/Usance Bills, as payment to suppliers is advanced by the bank

Maximum tenor:
Up to 180 days, determined based on the turnover period of goods

Margin of advance:
100% of the bill amount plus other payments e.g. freight / carrier charges and import duties


  • A mode of financing for goods purchased under Letter of Credit or  Inward Documentary Collection only
  • Financing is available for other separate payments such as freight/carrier charges and import duties
  • Early or partial settlement is allowed
  • No minimum amount or tenor of financing: financing can be on invoice value for any number of days required, subject to your facility tenor/limit
  • Also available under Islamic financing as Murabahah Trust Receipt-i
  • You must have a facility with the bank
  • Backed by over 400 branches nationwide, a network of over 80 international offices and more than 800 correspondent banks worldwide


  • Settle your payment obligations to the seller promptly andmaintain a good standing
  • Take possession of the goods immediately without having to repay until the end of the financing period
  • Sell the goods or turn them into finished products for sale or export without further delay
  • Improve your company’s cash flow
  • Make partial payments as and when you have the funds
Did You Know?
  • A company can have a few trade lines and make your business more flexible and efficiency.
  • One line, multiple products for both import and export use.
  • Now the Credit lines of up to 10 times the amount of security provided.
  • It allows you to use Letter of Credit, Trust Receipt, Shipping Guarantee, Bills Purchase and Invoice Financing etc to meet your trading and business requirements needs.
  • Up to 120days and Interest chargeable only when you use the line extended to your company.
  • Absolutely hassle-free application process.
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