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Do you want to save a few thousand dollars a year from your property loan? Be it commercial or industrial properties or investment or own use, interest rates increase a lot after the first 2 years. Many companies and individuals have been seeking better loan packages to save on the interest difference, do the same likewise by giving us, a Mortgage Broker Singapore, a call to work out how much money you can save by re-financing with another bank.

Lower Your Monthly Payments

There are different ways of achieving lower monthly repayments. You can switch to another loan type, such as from a fixed-rate loan to a floating-rate one. Alternatively, you can consider extending the tenor of your loan. However, bear in mind that while your monthly repayment would go down if you were to extend your loan tenor, you will end up paying more in interest expenses over the duration of the loan.


  • Wide range of interest rate packages
  • Flexibility to switch across SIBOR tenures
  • Instant access to our dedicated Mortgage Client Care team

Since we are a mortgage broker in Singapore, give us a call now to maximize your commercial / industrial property mortgage refinance.

We offer

  • Up to 80% of property market value
  • Competitive and Low interest rates
  • Cashout and Overdrafts possible
  • Valuation and Legal fees subsidies
  • Hassle-free application

How you can save with Bizsquare?

Current Interest RateLoan AmountInterest Per Year
5% P.A.$1,000,000$50,000
New Interest RateInterest Per YearSavings For One Year
2.8% P.A.$28,000$22,000

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