Overdraft Facilities Singapore

Require more cash than you have on hand for working capital or short-term financing?

We offer a number of short-term financing solutions to boost your liquidity.

Our overdraft facility allows you to withdraw more funds than what you have in your current account, up to an approved limit.

There are no fixed monthly repayment terms, and the monthly payable interest is charged on a daily basis on the amount used. You’ll benefit from

  • Flexibility to manage your cash flow
  • Convenience to decide how much to use and how much to pay back
  • Ready access to funds in times of need

With us, you’ll get short-term working capital financing made simple and friendly, without complicated formula or rigid repayment terms. Make appointment with us today.

It is an unsecured/secured revolving line of credit, which can be used for business operations, standby credit for contingencies and investment.

Customer Eligibility

Any company registered in Singapore can apply for Overdraft facilities.

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Use of Facilities:

  1. Working capital requirements
  2. Day-to-day business operations

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