How Bizsquare is Committed to Empowering SMEs

Business Loan consultant Singapore

Having achieved his dreams of becoming a successful banker in Singapore, Melvin Ho, now Founder & CEO of Bizsquare Management Consultants, soon realized that being profit-driven was not what he truly wanted and there was still a lingering desire in him to make meaningful impacts for small businesses and the lives of everyday Singaporeans.

“I asked myself, what is my true purpose in life? Was it just getting a job for the money, or is it more than that?”

A final push from his mother led him to take the leap of faith.

Business Loan consultant Singapore

Armed with an unwavering mission to grow businesses and change lives, Bizsquare Management Consultants was formed in 2013 with the founding values of Transparency, Quality, Integrity, and Social Empowerment.

From operating at a shared tablespace in an office for $200 a month in 2013 to becoming an established business consultancy firm today, Bizsquare Management Consultants has grown to include a wider range of services, including an extended variety of business loan consultations, financial management, as well as branding and marketing consultancy services.

Business Loan consultant Singapore

Just recently in 2021, Bizsquare was a recipient of the NS Mark (Gold), indicating their strong support towards National Servicemen in Singapore.

Business Loan consultant Singapore

Not long after, Melvin also emerged as one of the award winners for the Singapore Young Entrepreneur Awards 2021 for the Job Creation & Economic Growth category, serving as a testament that Bizsquare has undeniably made a notable impact on pushing Singapore’s unemployment rate down and benefiting the economy as a whole.

Along the way, Bizsquare has also not forgotten its obligation to contribute towards social issues and the need to lend a helping hand to local businesses and communities that require assistance – even more so in times of this ongoing pandemic crisis.

Bizsquare Empowers SMEs:


To play a part in helping SMEs affected by the pandemic, Bizsquare provided branding services which included logo redesigns, promotional videos, and strategic marketing advice at no cost to several small businesses despite the fact that they themselves were not spared from the impacts of the pandemic.

They were also vocal in showing their appreciation for Mothers and Teachers in Singapore through two separate in-house videos – “【她】 “Her” – Official Short Film – The Greatness of Mother’s” and “Thank You” respectively, which acknowledged them for their noble professions. Bizsquare also advocated for and donated to YMCA’s E-Flag Day 2021 donation campaign to help youths with special needs become independent and effective contributors to an inclusive society.

“I believe a true consulting firm should always look towards a more holistic approach in growing not only businesses but the whole society as well. We hope to use our little means to do the greater good,” said Melvin.

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