Maintaining Productivity Throughout Circuit Breaker

Maintaining Productivity Throughout Circuit Breaker

Many of us are working from home now after the implementation of the circuit breaker measures. With the countless amount of distractions at home, how does one win the productivity battle?

Here’s how Bizsquare does it: through encouraging communication routines.
We will hold Zoom call meetings twice-daily, we start the day with our individual plan of action and end off the day with a summary of everything we have done. This routine gives helps us to improve work productivity and allows us to clarify any uncertainties we may have.
Bizsquare understands that work isolation is a big struggle especially during this sensitive period. Hence, we break out of work isolation through having our lunch together. This has definitely helped us employees to take a breather off work while also strengthening relationships with one another.
Here is a little snippet of the Bizsquare team’s work from home life.

Through investing in this practice, the Bizsquare team has been able to preserve semblance of original worklife. The quality of work done is also maintained through good and effective communication with one another.

While it is still unclear when will the pandemic come to an end, the Bizsquare team strives to continue to always reimagine and reinventing the way we work and grow into a more resilient and high-performing team.

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