NS Mark (Gold) and Total Defence Awards (TDA) Award Recipient – Bizsquare

NS Mark (Gold) and Total Defence Awards (TDA) Award Recipient – Bizsquare Management Consultants Pte Ltd

There is no doubt that both National Service and Total Defence form the cornerstone of Singapore’s continued stability and prosperity.

In 1986, the Total Defence Awards (TDA) was introduced to recognize businesses – specifically employers and civil resource owners — for their contributions towards Total Defence (TD). In 2015, the TDA was revamped to strengthen advocacy for NS by encouraging not only businesses but also educational institutions, families, community organizations, and individuals to play their part in supporting our national servicemen. The TDA consists of the NS Advocate Award, which is the highest accolade awarded to individuals, businesses, or organizations for their exemplary support towards TD and, in particular, NS.

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The NS Mark (Gold) Award was then introduced in August 2016, which serves as a national-level accreditation scheme that recognizes businesses and organizations with policies and human resource practices that support National Service and Total Defence.

From 2017 onwards, the TDA would be selected from the top NS Mark (Gold) accredited companies and organizations.

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In 2020, Bizsquare announced that they are a proud recipient of the NS Mark (Gold) Award and Total Defence Awards (TDA).

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“We are just focused on playing our part and we are delighted that our efforts and contributions have been recognized. We hope that our commitment and conviction will also inspire fellow businesses and organizations within the community to step forward as well and pledge their support for National Service ” – Melvin Ho, Founder and Managing Director of Bizsquare Management Consultants Pte Ltd.

On top of making a declaration of support towards National Service and Total Defence, Bizsquare has also actively supported their NSmen to manage their National Service commitments and will not hesitate to commit their civil assets and services in support of Total Defence and support the nation in times of national crises or emergencies.

For the employees of Bizsquare to go for their In-Camp Training (ICT) events and mobilization or manning with a peace of mind, proper processes have been established and are in place throughout the years to allow for the allocation of additional rest days and efficient handover of work responsibilities.

As a recipient of both the NS Mark (Gold) Award and Total Defence Awards (TDA) in 2020, Bizsquare plays a crucial role in leading the way as they are seen as the flag bearers in supporting Total Defence and our National Servicemen to better balance their family, work, and National Service commitments. 

“Together We Keep Singapore Strong”
Theme for 2022’s Total Defence campaign




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